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It's simple. In a world that feels more divided than ever, travel brings the world together. Share your love for travel by encouraging your friends to see the world. Inspire them by sharing the stories of these awesome folks.

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Has travel been important to you? Get inspired and pledge to travel more this year. We've included a list of travelers that inspire us.

Gloria Atanmo

Inspires on: Instagram • Blog

Gloria inspires others through her journeys of being a solo female traveler, pushing the envelope of what’s possible, and creating the life of my dreams through a relentless pursuit and downright hustle.


Inspires on: Writer • Instagram • YouTube

Hello! I’m the BudgetTraveller but you can call me Kash. For the last 7 years my mission has been to show people how to travel the world in style on a budget. So whether it is staying at a luxury hostel in Madrid or showing people where to find the best, authentic cheap eats in Venice or London, you'll find it all here on this blog. I think the message of travel and how it is our greatest weapon against ignorance, bigotry, racism, hatred is more relevant than ever. So please accept the pledge to travel and lets connect via any of the social channels below. Lets make 2017 a magical year!


In a world that feels more divided than ever, there's one thing above all that brings different people together — and that's travel. If travel has been important to you, then share this with your friends and family.

Mark Zuckerberg

Inspires on: Facebook

I've really enjoyed doing personal challenges with our community -- like running and reading -- and I'd love for just as many people to join me in traveling this year. I'm calling this challenge A Year of Travel, and here's a link to the group where we can discuss our experiences from all around the world:

Join Year of Travel

Lindsay McCormick

Inspires on: YouTube • Instagram

Surf and snowboard instructor turned travel film maker and television producer, Lindsay traveled the world on $30 a day, getting off the beaten path for her Youtube series "Quit Job, Travel World" and uploads new travel and adventure videos every week.

The Budgeteers

Inspires on: YouTube • Instagram

Guys we made it! Series 2 is finally here! :) If you enjoyed it please give it a like, subscribe if you didn't already, and if you really wanna help share it with your friends!

Girls Love Travel

Inspires on: Facebook • Instagram

Girls LOVE Travel® (GLT) is an organization of nearly 200k active and aspiring travel-loving international females. GLT is based on three pillars: safety, socializing, and support for the female traveler. Join Girls LOVE Travel and be prepared for your bucket list to grow and new international friendships to be made!

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Alex in Wanderland

Inspires on: Video • Photos • Blog

I'm a New York native who left my home to explore the world slowly and thoroughly. I’m just a little obsessed with photography, scuba diving, and reading guidebooks to countries I have no immediate plans to visit.

Brandon Li

Inspires on: Video • Instagram • YouTube

Has been a nomadic filmmaker for the past 4 years, documenting the cultures that fascinate me. I try to travel not just further, but deeper too.

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This is my year of adventure. I pledge to travel. #EXPLOREMORE2017, a New Year's Resolution I can keep with @ExploreMore2017

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Inspires on: YouTube • Instagram

Hey, my name is Steve Haenisch aka Backpackersteve and obviously I’m the guy that runs this Travel Magazine and the Travel Video Show. Ever since traveling has been a very important part of my life – but: born in the GDR I was not able to travel everywhere in my very young years. My parents and especially my grandparents actually never had the chance to do what I am doing now and somehow encouraged me to use this chance and travel the world.

Rachel Rudwall

Inspires on: Video • Photos • More

Rachel has traveled six continents, lived in three countries and journeyed through sixty nations. As On-Camera Host, TV Producer, Camera Operator, and Photographer, Rachel regularly drops herself into strange and remote subcultures to relate their stories to outsiders.

Johnny Jet

Inspires on: Blog • Photos • Videos

I used to be afraid to fly and at times even leave the house! I conquered my fear (long story) and now I travel to 20+ countries a year sharing my firsthand knowledge, tips and deals with friends, family and readers. Please sign up to our free newsletters and tell your friends!


Inspires on: Blog • Instagram • YouTube

An adventure couple who live by the motto “Adventure is for Everyone”. Over the past 8 years we have made it our mission to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and prove that you don’t have to be an uber-athelete, adrenaline junkie or part of the ultra rich to be an adventurer.

— Flights —

Hitlist helps you travel more for less. They help you find trips that suit your time, destination preferences and budget and they want to help people connect face to face and in doing so hope to build a friendlier world.

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Girls LOVE Travel is an international community for women -- a sisterhood empowering all female travelers during their adventures whether at home or exploring abroad.

Join GirlsLoveTravel

— STAY —

Overnight is a way to book spontaneous stays with locals. Because you shouldn't have to pay hotel prices or spend hours sifting when you're traveling last-minute.

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— Get connected —

Travel Massive is a global community of travel industry insiders, leaders, and innovators that connects thousands of members to learn and collaborate at free events all around the world.

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— Do good —

Travel+SocialGood is a community of people passionate about transforming the travel industry into a force for good and building the futurel into a sustainable one.

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